Bose Sport Earbuds review: Excellent sound and fit with one downside

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I first wrote about the QuietComfort Earbuds, which retail for $279 (£250, AU$400). While Sport models have some downsides -- their quality during phone calls could be better, for example -- they feature excellent sound, are lighter and smaller than the QuietComfort Earbuds and also slightly more comfortable to wear. 

Some will like that you don't have to bother folding the headphones while others will prefer the predecessor's smaller case. I did like that there's a little compartment in the case -- its door closes magnetically -- for storing the USB-C charging cable and the short cable for wired listening. It's worth noting that the port on the headphone is the smaller 2.5mm variety so, bizarrely, it's a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable.

Call quality assessment The SoundSport Free was criticized for only having mono sound for calls -- meaning, the audio of a phone call only came through the right earbud. The Sport Earbuds have stereo sound during calls, though the microphones are housed only in the right bud, so that's your only choice if you want to make calls with only a single bud. Call quality was pretty good -- I could hear callers well and they could hear me -- but if I went into noisier environments, the volume of my voice would sometimes drop a bit.

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The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, the long-awaited successor to its QuietComfort 35 II models, have a lot to live up to. The QuietComfort series is almost 20 years old and is essentially the gold standard for active noise-canceling headphones, beloved by airline travelers and open-office residents the world over for their ability to block out a good chunk of external distractions. Simply put, the QC35s are a hard act to follow, and some people aren't going to like all the changes that Bose has made in creating this new successor headphone. 

The touch controls are responsive although fairly limited. You can double tap the left earbud to advance tracks, tap the right bud once to pause, and tap and hold the right bud to access your voice assistant. There are no volume controls on the buds themselves.

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As for how they compare to competing products in their price range, they do sound slightly better than highly rated earbuds like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Jabra Elite 75t. They just offer a little more clarity and more powerful bass with better definition. Those models have a more discreet design, however, and offer superior voice calling performance.

As I said in my review of the QuietComfort Earbuds, if great noise canceling is what you're after -- or you just want the flexibility of having it -- you shouldn't hesitate to spend the extra money on the QuietComfort Earbuds. But if you don't need active canceling or find it grating (some people are sensitive to it), the Sport Earbuds do deliver excellent sound and a comfortable, secure fit. That said, I do think with all the new true wireless models coming out, Bose will ultimately have to get these down in bit in price (to less than $150) to make them more competitive.

To be clear, this really is a new headphone, both on the outside and the inside, with new drivers and a total of eight microphones to help enable Bose's "evolved noise-canceling functionality." One of the biggest external changes is to the headband. The QuietComfort 35 II has a high-tech resin (read: Tiffiny plastic) headband, while the Headphones 700's headband incorporates a single, article; simply click the up coming internet site, seamless piece of stainless steel that seemingly makes it a little sturdier. However, as a result of the new design, there's no hinge, so they don't fold up, just flat, and you simply lay them into their protective carrying case, which is larger than the QuietComfort 35 II's case.

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