Customized Gilding Metal Clad Steel Sheet

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(Comparison between composite technology and tradition thermal composition and explosive composition)
Product Information:
NO.performanceWarm rolling compositeThermal compoundingExplosive compounding
1TechnologyTemperature Large Rolling Force Calendering + Molecular Diffusion PermeationHot Small Rolling Force CalenderingContact surface welding
2Composite formMetallurgical bondingMechanical engagementMetallurgical bonding
3Composite strength★★★★★★★
4Material formTape and platePoor consistency of tape recombination and plateplate
5MachinabilityEquivalent to single metalBimetallic bond strength needs to be consideredEquivalent to single metal
6surface quality★★★★★
7accuracyRepeated finishing up to micron levelTolerance fluctuationTolerance fluctuation
8Material yieldhighlowvery low
10SafetysafeRelatively safeDanger
Copper Clad Steel Strip - GMCS Steel (Gilding Metal Clad Steel) Strip is new kind of high-new composite bimetal material. It extracts advantages from  copper and steel, and combines all advantages perfectly.
The new bimetal material owns properties as following:
1. Good Conductivity
2. Good corrosion resistance
3. High strength
4. Good formability
5. Good extension
6.  same appearance
7. Lower cost
Brand namechemical composition(%)
F11≤0.11≤0.060.30~0.55≤0.020≤0.010≤0.15≤0.30-≤0.20Customized Gilding Metal Clad Steel Sheet
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