Takeaway Disposable Paper Products

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Ningbo Linfeng International Trade Co.,Ltd is a young but experienced company. Many of our staff have been in the global trade for more than 10 years. Our product line covers packaging, paper&plastic goods,healthcare & mothercare goods,consumer electronics,etc. We aim at providing one-stop service to global customers.OEM & ODM are welcome. We look forward to cooperating with you!
1)Factory Resources
We have established long-term business relationship with many factories for years. So we can offer better prices.
One factory just produce some certain products. But our product line is unlimited with many factory resources combined. We can pick out the most suitable one according to each customer鈥檚 requirements.Find us,find more.
International trade is a long and complicated process. Customers need a reliable exporter who can take care of all for them. Our staff are well-trained and very experienced. Compared with factories who focus on production,we act more quickly and provide more professional service
4)Quality Assured
We keep following orders from the beginning to the end. Better quality assurance for customers.Takeaway Disposable Paper Products
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