China Glass Roller Bottles

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Essential Oil Roller Bottles
Item: RG-D15-A
Borosilicate glass material
High performance of stability and barrier
Great package for essential oil or fragrance
Glass vials are fabricated from borosilicate glass, the roller ball vial is tubular vials which can be used as great package for perfumes, aromatherapy, essential oil treatments, lotion and lip gloss,
Glass roll on vials can deliver a controllable volume to a small area with precision and can afford high compression strength, light weight but durable, the length and capacity of glass roller ball vials can be customized as per specification, package essential oils and perfumes by glass roll on vials will add luxury to your product.
Basic information:
Product codeRG-D15-A
Fill capacity (ml)121087653
Height of Vial only (mm)100887565575135
Diameter of Vial (mm)15151515151515
MaterialVial - borosilicate glass
Screw cap - plastic
Roller ball - stainless steel or glass
Insert - plastic
ColorVial - clear, amber, or color painted
Screw cap - standard or custom color
Roller ball - shiny silver for stainless steel ball, clear for glass ball
Insert - natural, white, black
Minimum order qty10,000pcs each.
High performance of stability and barrier;
High perspective and light weight;
Refillable, reusable and 100% recyclable;
Small enough for easy carry in a pocket or handbag.China Glass Roller Bottles
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