cheap Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk

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Idea For
Hotels, Restaurants
Advertising and Information engagement
Transport, Shopping and sports Locations
Public Service Centers
Panel Size:49鈥?/p>
Contrast Ratio1100:1
Color Resolution16.2M
Response Time鈮?2ms
Touch TechInfra Red/ capacitive (Optional)
Light Transmission90%~92%
Response Time鈮?6ms
Touch Activation Force鈮?00g (adjust allowed)
DurabilityScratch-free; 鈮?0,000,000 touches (single-point)
Surface HardnessMohs鈥?hardness rating of 7
Controller InterfaceUSB and RS232
Optional Components:
Wireless802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and antenna, 4G modem
Thermo printer80MM priner SID3250K
IC card sensor1443A/1443B
Housing1.5mm cold rolled steel+Acrylic cover
ColorSilver/ Black/ White/ Customizable colors
Fan2 x 12V fans
Audio | Speakers2 x 10W Speakers, 1 x 30W Amplifier
Ports | SlotsPower input | Power switch | PC switch | USB | LAN
Power Consumption70W锝?00W
Power Supply110鈥?40 AC power
Working EnviroTemperature: +5掳C ~ +50掳C | Humidity: 0% ~ 80%
Weight (without base)44KG
Packing MethodExport wooden box+export carton box+4cm foamy.
1. Smooth Touch Gestures
Perform smoother touch gestures with our specially treated glass which lowers the surface tension and friction of the touch surface. It鈥檚 also more scratch resistant and durable than ever. Making it ideal for commercial use.
2. Portrait/Landscape Orientation
The touch screen can be installed in portrait as well as landscape orientation.
3. Seamless Rear Connectivity
For seamless kiosk integration you can connect a WiFi aerial, Ethernet cable, a power cable and third party peripherals via USB using the ports on the real of the kiosk. This allows you to organise your cables better and allow for a more clean appearance.
4. Anti Fingerprint Glass
Thanks to a special plasma treatment the tempered glass front is more resistant to oil/ water residue left by fingerprint marks. Unlike other Touch Screens the glass is not etched, vastly improving the optical clarity.
5. Giant tablet styling
Designed to resemble a giant smartphone or tablet. The sleek and sexy look is achieved with a striking aluminum surround and stunning IPX1 rated edge-to-edge glass.
6. 10-point PCAP Touch Technology
Using the most responsive and sensitive commercial touch technology available. Not affected by dust or debris on the screen surface.
7. IPS Panel
With 450 cd/銕he IPS panel shines brighter than any TV while deliverying superior image quality and color depth at 178掳ultral wide viewing angle at all directions.
Q: Common Device failure?
A: Black screen fault, no sound, no working of indicator lamp/ backlight etc.
Solutions: Checking the 220V power is working or not and if the fit together correctly between the power supply cable of the AD display terminal and the external socket.
Q: What's the advavtage of Tonme's AD display terminal?
A: 1. Built-in the video and Hi-Fi system which working auto after powering, the card style remote attached.
2. Products made by Metal structure with painting finishing, no rust.
2. Screen type:  Samsung, LG, AU etc brands of panel, A class with 335 standard.
3. Color of products: Black, OEM is Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk
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