China Multiple Working Modes Medical Respiratory Ventilator Machine suppliers

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Hunan Hi-soon Supply Chain Co., Ltd, is your best supplier of epidemic protective products!
Hisoon is a supply chain company, a professional manufacturer of medical consumable produts, the company set up factories since 2015, its high-speed and effective operation of the project will urge the world to win. Existing investments $ 2,000,000, the enterprise has a group of professional, younger marketing management team.
Our Factory
The factory covers an area of 28,000 square meters, plant construction area of 12,000 square meters, including air conditioning closed nearly 8,000 square meters of production workshop. Factory grassy area, a beautiful environment, bright and spacious factory is based medical products requires design and construction, the company has a capable team of knowledgeable technicians and management personnel, existing production can supply 200/40 ft. containers. The adoption of advanced detection equipment and has extensive experience in corporate management, audit by TUV achieved ISO13485: quality system certification.
Our Product
Face Mask, Body Thermometer, Protective Clothing, Goggles, Nucleic Acid Detector System and Respiratory machine etc.
Product Application
The public places like hospital, clinic, school, supermarket, office, bus station, to protect you from dust, air pollution and epidemic virus (Like 19-nCoV)
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Hisoon has advanced laboratories and inspection workshops, folding workshops, rags to be cut, sewing workshops, cutting workshops, blister packaging workshops, machine folding gauze sheet workshops, weaving workshops, and packaging workshops, piping workshop, bleaching and dyeing workshop, strict control management.
Production Market
We focus on serving the global business partners and clients with the customer-oriented service concept. Our product quality and stability, excellent quality and service to win the pious reputation and market, products are exported to Europe; America; Asia more than 30 countries and regions.
The beautiful environment and a high level of management, ushered in praise at home and abroad.
Our service
* 7x24: We are responding any request from our client by7 days and 24 hours.
* 48 Principles: Within 48 hours we will provide you our solution subject to your request
* OEM manufacture, customized product
* Easily communication via landline, Wechat, what's up, email, skype
* Professional guidance and training
* Free marketing solution serviceChina Multiple Working Modes Medical Respiratory Ventilator Machine suppliers
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