China Three Layers Machine For Heavy Duty Film

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3 layer blown film machine
This 3 layer blown film machine are used for producing heavy duty bag film and packaging chemical material film.
The machine is equipped with oscillating tower totary system and IBC system,max output 4200kg/24h,and is equipped with inner embossing roller, it is easy for piling up,prevent from slipping
Type of the machine SJGM-Z55脳30脳3-850SJGM-Z65脳30脳3-850
max film width650mm650mm
thickness of the film0.1mm-0.2mm0.1mm-0.2mm
extrusion output70kg/h - 70kg/h - 70kg/h110kg/h-110kg/h-110kg/h
Extrusion Unit
main motor30kw / 30kw / 30kw37kw / 37kw / 37kw
screw diameter桅55mm-桅55mm-桅55mm桅65mm-桅65mm-桅65mm
screw and barrel materialSACM645(38CrMoA1A)SACM645(38CrMoA1A)
screw ratio L/D30:130:1
barrel air cooling fans0.24kw脳30.24kw脳3
type of screen changerNon-disassemble manuel screen changerNon-disassemble manuel screen changer
Die Unit
type of the dieheadstationary diestationary die
die diameter桅200mm桅200mm
air blower fan4kw4kw
Haul-Off Unit
type of the toweroscillating toweroscillating tower
haul-off roller dia.& width桅210脳850mm桅210脳850mm
haul-off motor1.5kw1.5kw
height of the machine10.5m12.5m
Winder Unit
type of winderAuto single winderAuto single winder
winder roller dia.& width桅400脳850mm桅400脳850mm
winder roller motor1.5kw1.5kw
max roll diameter桅1500mm桅1500mm
Other Parts
IBC system銆€Germany P+F system
EPC system銆€EPC auto edge position control system
Tension control system銆€Auto
Rotary tower  embossing and gusseting machineChina Three Layers Machine For Heavy Duty Film
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