What's in the Future of jQuery?

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The future of jQuery Plugins looks very bright indeed as JavaScript developers have finally been able to leverage the power of CSS and tables in a way that is not only compatible with all modern browsers but also powerful and flexible enough to create all sorts of interactive and delightful user experiences. This means that instead of sticking to the tired old model of designing websites, today we are seeing developers building really impressive and highly interactive websites. Not only this, but they are also doing this without having to write off their creativity by sticking to the same old JavaScript formula and programming model. As a result of all of these factors, many experts have come out in support of CSS, JavaScript and Flexbox and believe that developers are making the right move by using these instead of sticking to something old and obsolete.

Another factor that has played a huge part in the future of jQuery is the fact that there are a number of high quality open source frameworks and libraries that have surfaced on the scene which provide the much needed power and functionality that the jQuery library was lacking in the past. libraries such as Bootstrap and Foundation have really revolutionised the way that users interact with websites and allow for an incredible amount of customization and control over elements and structures on a page. In fact, many developers no longer feel necessary to use jQuery anymore as they can just pick up these brilliant libraries and get going. So if you still believe that jQuery is dead, then you clearly haven't heard about the exciting world where today's developers are simply getting more creative with their layouts, styles and content than ever before.

Although there may be some speculations as to the future of jQuery, it is safe to say that one thing is definitely for sure - it is definitely going to win the race to be the pre-installed library across the entire Internet. So many developers love its elegant simplicity and power, and as a consequence it has become one of the most popular components among all of the other popular components. You can find many examples of these amazing scripts on sites like jQueryZilla, Codeplex and even Google. So the world of jQuery is definitely here to stay, and we can only expect good things for the future. So start using it today and see how your pages react to this ever-changing piece of technology.
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